If you are in New Orleans and looking for the perfect place to pick up some Voodoo wares, either for yourself or those back home, you need to check out Hex Old World Witchery on Decatur Street in the French Quarter.

Hex Old World Witchery is the work of two actual magical practitioners, Christian Day and Brian Cain, who strive to bring the old magics to the New World. Their handmade Voodoo dolls are made by an active Voodoo practitioner and come in many colors. Many people think that Voodoo is “evil” and that Voodoo dolls are only used for cursing and hexing. That isn’t true. The colors can represent different things you’d want to have in your life, not just things you want to curse or harm. For instance: green is for money, blue for healing, white for protection, pink for love, and red for lust.

Hex also has Voodoo dolls that represent the different Loa, or Voodoo spirits, and these dolls are also made by a true Voodoo practitioner. They are beautiful, elegant and will bring you everything from love to luck.

In addition to Voodoo and witchcraft objects, they have essential oils, gris gris bags, jewelry, and books that discuss the history of Voodoo and other magical subjects. They are currently featuring the book, The Art Cosmic, by Levi Rowland. If you are interested in astrology we recommend you pick this one up!

Mr. Rowland dives deep into the history of traditional astrology and how to make your own astrological chart. If you are interested in astrology and New Orleans magic, how to manifest your dreams, and where the stars are pointing you, then you need to read The Art Cosmic. We hope that in the very near future we will be interviewing Mr.Rowland for this blog!